Pool and Patio Screening
Product series: Pool and Patio Screening

Product Introduction: 
The products are made with fiberglass yarn,coating with ethylene resin coating, and weaving in a high temperature heat set.
Product Features: 
High tension force and strength, no vulnerability to molding or moth, easy to clean, stable structure, good ventilation, long service life and high resistance to bending, flame, heat and cold. Resist flying pests like bees, moths, mosquitoes and flies.
Product usage: 
Heavy-duty fiberglass mesh designed for use in balconies, swimming pools, patios, porch and sun room enclosures etc. It is ideal for larger openings where extra strength is needed.
Mesh 18x14,17x13
Width 60cm-300cm/18in-84in
Yarn Diameter 0.33mm
Length 10m-300m/50ft-600ft
Weight(g/㎡) 150g-170g/㎡
Color ● ● 
Jindi(Gold Screen) adheres to the principle of catering to our customer demands. We can offer a specialty to meet any need that you have such as mesh, color, length and width.