Pleated Insect Screening
Product series of Jindi(Gold Screen): Pleated Insect Screening

Product Introduction: 
Warps and wefts of folding insect screen are made from polyester and fiberglass fabrics by blend-weaving.
Product Features: 
No distortion in cold or heat, high tenacity and no vulnerability to distortion under stretching. Resist flying pests like bees, moths, mosquitoes and flies while allow you to enjoy the fresh air.
Product application:
Doors, windows, etc.
Mesh 18x16,17x16
Width 60cm-300cm/18in-84in
Folding height 15mm-20mm
Length 12.5m-30m
Weight(g/㎡) 95g-105g/㎡
Color ● ● 
Jindi(Gold Screen) adheres to the principle of catering to our customer demands. We can offer a specialty to meet any need that you have such as mesh, color, length and width.