Aluminum Alloy Wire Mesh
Product series: Aluminum Alloy Wire Mesh

Product Introduction: 
These series of products are made from aluminum-magnesium alloy or aluminum screen wire.
Product Features: 
A variety of colors available, high fastness even at 120°C,excellent acid and alkali resistance,corrosion resistance, good tenacity and intensity.
Product usage: 
Our products are widely used for household purposes and in animal husbandry, gardening, forestry, agricultural, and in industrial sectors as an ideal material for resisting flying pests like bees, moths, mosquitoes and flies while allow you to enjoy the fresh air.
Mesh 18x18 , 18x16 , 18x14 , 16x16 , 16x14 , 14x14
Width 1.5ft-5.3ft
Yarn Diameter 0.23mm-0.45mm
Length 14m-300m
Weight(g/㎡) 50g/㎡, 170g/㎡
Color ● ● 
Jindi(Gold Screen) adheres to the principle of catering to our customer demands. We can offer a specialty to meet any need that you have such as mesh, color, length and width.