PP Insect Screening
Product series: PP Products.

Product Introduction: 
This is a combination of high temperature resistant polypropylene (PP) and specialized ethylene (PE). A moulded composite filament is produced using a complex moulding process.
Product Features: 
PP is nearly invisible with perfect view, high resistance to aging, no odor, zero VOC volatilization, smooth surface without oil secretion or attraction of dust, steady material performance at ‑25to 80, light-weight, thin, high light transparency, highly flame resistant, higher safety, improved environmental-friendliness, high tenacity and better foldability. PP’s extra strength screen is stronger than standard fiberglass, providing greater protection and long-lasting durability.
Product usage:
This nearly invisible PP screening allows more nature light in and improves airflow. An ideal material for resisting flying pests like bees, moths, mosquitoes and flies while allow you to enjoy the fresh air.
Mesh 20x20 , 19x19 , 18x18,18x16
Width 60cm-300cm/18in-84in
Yarn Diameter 0.2mm
Length 1m-150m/50ft-600ft
Weight(g/㎡) 45g-55g/㎡
Color ● ● 
Jindi(Gold Screen) adheres to the principle of catering to our customer demands. We can offer a specialty to meet any need that you have such as mesh, color, length and width.