Breakthrough in Pleated Insect Screening: 10mm folding height – Smooth & Eleg
The Pleated Insect Screening developed by the R&D team at Jindi (Gold Screen) is an advanced product that has been well received by customers over the past few years. Our Pleated Insect Screenings are made from Polyester and Fiberglass fabrics by blend-weaving, combining both the strength of the former and the softness of the latter. The screenings cannot be easily stretched out of shape under cold and hot conditions. So it is an attractive product with high-quality.
Technically, our customers have particular requirements on the folding height of the Pleated Insect Screening besides their requirements on the strength and tenacity. Previously, we set the folding height at 15-20mm for our Pleated Insect Screening. With the changing market situations, however, our customers have raised new requirements to us. As always, Jindi (Gold Screen) adheres to the principle of catering to our customer’s demands.